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Project Málaga

31 Ago 2011, 18:53

In today's pod we will discuss Project Málaga with Christian. Christian is a longtime Málaga supporter and season ticket holder. He works for Euro Sport and Event Management based in the beautiful Marbella and Manchester. The company works closely with a lot of football clubs across Europe to help organize their trips for Champions League and Europa League games. The company also specializes in organizing the summer and winter training camps forthe football clubs. You may follow Christian's tweets about Málaga and football at @christianmcr We recorded this at 5am Pacific. If Elisa or I sound a little sleepy or weird forgive us .

Segment#1 : 18min

We start off asking Christian about why Málaga, for his company and himself
Why the Sheikh choose Málaga
Longterm plans of the Sheikh for Málaga CF and Málaga area.
Funding plan for the project, new stadium, new academy etc..
Management - hiring the right people for the job starting with coach Pellegrini
Why is Málaga project different from other clubs bought by business tycoons.
Ethical aspects - UNESCO sponsorship, helping financially troubled clubs in the area.
The focus on the cantera
Segment#2 : 21 min

The bright preseason performances and team bonding
The expectations and then disappointment for season opener against FC Barcelona.
Long term revenue plan of the project.
The modus-operandi of Málaga - How did they manage to make some great signings.
Goals of Málaga for this season
The buzz and excitement this summer - incredible crowds at the presentation of players. Incredibly local support.
Segment#3 : 10 min

The Sheikh's ambitious plans for Marbella
More about the Málaga cantera, the plans for Atletico Malagueño
More about the Málaga area.
Let us know what do you think of the pod. Thanks for listening! ... om-malaga/
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