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A place to talk about Malaga C.F. and other topics in English language.
Because a malaguista can be born anywhere.
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Malaga Lovers in the Arab World

28 Ago 2011, 18:12

Hello all lovers club Malaga و

I am an Arab citizen from the Middle East and adore the Malaga Club. Here in the Arab world the vast encourage Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and encourage each Villarreal and Atletico Madrid. But for many Little encourage club Malaga. I am one of those who love the club Malaga. Me and some of the people. There is an Arab forum in which athletes and we opened the newspaper to translate the news club Malaga.
But we suffer from a lack of news we receive for our club favorite. We translated the news from some sites such as the Spanish newspaper Marca, and As.
We want you to give us some help and information and news about the club Malaga until people recognize the Malaga Club and make a base of fans in the Arab world. I hope your help and we thank you.
Club Malaga newspaper in Arabic ...
You can enter here and see the work we are doing ... This is a forum Arab sports when we set up the newspaper club Malaga. You can open this link and watch the newspaper club Malaga in Arabic language.

We aspire to work the interview with Mr. Manuel Pellegrini or Fernando heirro or any of the players in the club. We want people to know that there are fans of the Club of Malaga in the Arab world and we are confident that the project will succeed Malaga Club.

This is the link you can click on this and see the club Malaga newspaper in Arabic language , which specializes in the translation in Arabic.
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Re: Malaga Lovers in the Arab World

28 Ago 2011, 18:17

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