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Ticket to Grada de Animacíon

02 Abr 2018, 14:38

Hi, I am planning to go to a game at La Rosaleda for one of the last few remaining rounds of La Liga. It will most likely be in May or late April, so either vs. Real Sociedad, Alavés or the last game vs. Getafe. I've tried sitting above Frente Bokeron before all the groups were gathered at Fondo Sur, and on one of the sides. Both were good, but I'm an active supporter and want to be where the action is at. By that I mean that I want to be standing with and cheering with Malaka Hinchas, Frente Bokeron and Guiri Army at Grada de Animacíon.

Would that be possible at all? Is it possible to get hold of a ticket to Grada de Animacíon, or will I have to buy a ticket for somewhere close to it, on the side or above? I'd really like to take part in the active supporterculture in Málaga. I love this club, no matter how painful this season has been, and it has been painful indeed. I don't know if any of the groups gather anywhere before games, but I'd sure like to take part in that as well.

I'm grateful for any replys, as I have to order planetickets before the prices go through the roof.

VAMOS MÁLAGA! :bufandeo:

Re: Ticket to Grada de Animacíon

14 Abr 2018, 21:11

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